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MG Cooling: Leading HVAC Consultants and Engineers


We are leading HVAC Consultants and Engineers taking care of complete Design & Execution.

  • One of The 10 Most Prominent HVAC Solution Providers.
  •  We specialized in Industrial Air-Cooling Applications, HVAC Green Field & Brown Field Projects. We also do HVAC repair and HVAC retrofit jobs for making HVAC system Energy Efficient.
  • We as top HVAC Company provide complete solutions starting from Designing, Consultation, Supply, Installation, Testing & Maintenance.
  • We provide customized solutions for the specific needs of our customers.
  • Server Room & Data Center Cooling through Precision Air Conditioning.
  • UVGI Based Air Disinfection & Air Purification Solutions to make the office environment Microbes, Bacteria, Viruses Free.
  • Air Ionisers Technology to lower PM level and Healthy Work Environment.


Providing Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Solutions to our clients.

MG Cooling Solutions rates as the reputed HVAC turnkey contractor providing complete solution for Air Conditioning, Air cooling & Ventilation for Hotels, Restaurants, Office Spaces, Institutes, Hospital & Industrials projects. We are also specialized in proving Precision AC Services for IT Cooling required for Data Center & Server Room.

MG Cooling Solutions established in 2008, is a fast growing company in Delhi and executing projects all across India.

AT MGCS We deal in HVAC Design & Consultancy, HVAC Sales & Supply, HVAC Installation & execution.We take care of HVAC projects,Energy Audit, server room & data centre cooling, ventilation etc.

We also provide specialized services to bring down the PM level and killing off the microbes, pathogens , bacteria and viruses which are harmful for human health through Air Ionizers & UVGI Technology.

This is to ensure an healthy and safe working environment for offices, Hospitals, Retail areas and other places.

Our Responsibility

Our Responsibility We aim at providing hundred per cent satisfactory and quality services to all our clients and have received positive testimony from all our clients. Please check our recent projects here.

Right on Time

Right on Time Our team of professionals works under a client centric approach to make sure that our services meet the requirements on time. Contact us now & submit your requirement


Services & Solutions We Offer

We hold rich experience in HVAC & Air Purification projects. We Specialize in Industrial Ventilation, Centralized Cooling, Clean Rooms, Energy Audit, and Electrical Projects.

We also ensure to keep indoor spaces safe for human activity by deploying the right technology in the Centralized Air Conditioning System. We ensure optimum and efficient cooling along with Bacteria, Viruses Free environment.

Our dedicated team and highly experienced Consultants, Engineers & Technicians provide complete support starting from Design, Consultancy till complete execution.


MG Cooling Solutions is one of the leading HVAC Companies in India.

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MG Cooling Solutions provide Industrial Ventilation Services in India

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MGCS – Renowned Name for Complete Industrial Air Cooling Solutions

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MG Cooling Solutions deal in UVC Disinfection all across India.

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MG Cooling Solutions deal in Centralized AC all across India.


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Our Top Clients

We also worked with one of the prestigious financial institutions in India, i.e. Reserve Bank of India where we have provided them complete air conditioning to their Conference Rooms by installing the cassette ac’s and the further SITC (Supply/Installation/Testing & Commissioning) work.

We as top HVAC Contractor in Delhi, taking care of complete maintenance of HVAC Systems installed all across North India. Retails chain like KFC require cooling at their dining area and same time, efficient ventilation at their kitchen area when they are serving their customers and we ensure the same to be feasible.

We have installed HVAC Systems at their retail stores,popularly known as More Stores and have successfully executed the designing and complete SITC work further at their Northern India stores.

We have worked with HERO group at their Manesar Project where we have provided them precision air conditioning solutions required in their Engine Testing Lab at their R & D department and gave them the same cooling as required by them. We took care of entire designing work, supplying with right machines for their requirement, installing, testing and final commissioning work.


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